Terms of Use

Date of Last Revision: 16 / 02 / 2020
Statement of policy and standards here at eCommerceRecipiesTM.
eCommerceRecipiesTM reserves the rights to alter or update this statement anytime, as it is appropriate to do so, without prior notice.

:: Using eCommerceRecipiesTM

Any human being over the age of 13 year old and meet our policy and standards can use eCommerceRecipies.

For businesses, your business must exist in countries that are not restricted to do business in USA or UK. Your business culture and activities must comply to our policy and standards

Eligible individuals or businesses can use eCommerceRecipies registered or unregistered, within its restrictions, and in accordance to our policy and standards

:: Registering A Personal Account

Anyone eligible can register a personal/individual account with eCommerceRecipies.

Your responsibilities

  • You will provide true and accurate account of yourself and maintain a true identity of yourself as long as you remain a registered user of eCommerceRecipies.

  • You will, at all times, maintain ONE personal account representing a true account of yourself.

  • Being terminated from using eCommerceRecipies means you will not create a new user account without our permission.

  • You are 13 years old or over at the time of registering an account.

  • You are not a sex offender or convicted sex offender

  • You must be a member of the Inc Enteprize business community either as a business owner or on one of the approved partner programs.

  • You will not use your account for any activity that is illegal or goes against our policy terms and standards.

  • Your personal account is purely for personal use and to be used as intended in our TOC and standards and policy.

    You should NEVER use it for commercial purposes or unauthorized advertisement of any kind.

:: Registering A Business Account

It is expected that you business adhere to our policy and standards before registering an account with eCommerceRecipies

Your responsibilities

  • You will not register or attempt to register a business that doesn't belong to yourself. You must OWN the business or have FULL permissions from the owner of the business to register it on their behalf

  • You will provide true business details about your business

  • Being terminated from using eCommerceRecipies means you will not create a new business account for the same business without our permission.

  • Your business does not involve in activities relating to sex exploitation, sex trafficking, child abuse of any kind, spreading hate, intimidation or discrimination campaigns of any kind.

  • Your business FREE account will be used purely for the purpose of promoting it's services, brand, culture and values. You will not attempt to advertise your business services or products more than the limit permitted within the FREE business account.

  • Your business will ONLY own one business account on eCommerceRecipies.

:: Commercial Use

We expect you to use eCommerceRecipies from the standpoint of what it's meant to be - promoting your business services, culture and personality.

You should never use it as an advertisement platform or for such matter, post any articles or activities which aims at generating income directly or indirectly, beyond the means of our terms of use, for your business.

You must obtain permission from us should you want to post any activity that aims purely at advertisement with the aim of generating cash directly from eCommerceRecipies.

eCommerceRecipies retains the rights to terminate any account that violates its terms of use or policy and standards, at all times.

:: The Content or Activity You Create

Any activity you create on eCommerceRecipies remain owned by you. We reserve the rights to show the content to other users of the site as well as making it accessible for others to "like it or thumb it up", comment, vote and/or share it on other social network sites.

You have full control of your content at all times. You can delete and/or update your content as you wish

Your content will remain at our servers until you decide to delete them. The content will also be removed if we deactivate/terminate your account, reported or thought to be violating our terms and conditions .

In some occasions, if an account is put on hold, deactivated or totally deleted, your content "may" still be accessible within eCommerceRecipies and/or other sites that it was shared to previously.

Each activity you upload may contain an image that does not violate our policy and standards.

Your images should NOT contain promotional messages of any kind, including watermarks, promotional text or sale icons and should not aim at promoting campaigns or activities that violate our policy and standards

Your responsibilities

  • You are a SOLE owner of ALL and ANY content or activity you create and publish on eCommerceRecipies. This includes all images you upload

  • If not owned by you, you have full permission from the original owner of the content to publish it on eCommerceRecipies

  • Your content fully meets our policy and standards as explained here

:: Safety and Security

At eCommerceRecipies we highly prioritize the safety of all our users and their information. We will work hard to make sure we protect you and your private data but we will not be held responsible in unique situations where hacking or identity theft may occur.

We can not guarantee unauthorized access by third parties who may happen to defeat our security measures.

Please inform us immediately if you suspect any unusual activity on your account.

Your responsibilities

  • You will not collect or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other users' accounts or private information without their prior permission.

  • You will not publish unauthorized marketing material or engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as a pyramid scheme while on eCommerceRecipies.

  • You will not upload viruses, unauthorized code, or any content that may harm the normal workings of eCommerceRecipies website.

  • You will not use your account for any activity that is illegal, for any unauthorized advertising or marketing events which goes against our standard policy of use.

  • You will not threat, bully, intimidate, discriminate or insult any other user of eCommerceRecipies

  • You will not use your account to encourage violence or hate campaigns politically, religiously or racially.

:: Third Party Links or Banners

Some activities on eCommerceRecipies may contain external links.

Clicking on these links and navigating away from eCommerceRecipies is done so at your own risk.

We will not be responsible for any damage caused to you or your machine as a result of accessing these external links. Think twice and make sure you trust the source of the topic before following external links.

As a rule of thumb, if you notice any suspicious activities on your account or on the site as a whole, report it straight away.

:: Private Messaging (PM)

eCommerceRecipies may offer private messaging feature which allows you to send direct messages to other users of the site.

The PM feature comes as is and you are invited to us it at your own risk. Please ensure you are contacting or opening a message from a trusted person when using the PM feature

As a rule of thumb, if you notice any suspicious activities on your account or on the site as a whole, report it straight away.

:: Disclaimer

eCommerceRecipies, the product, is offered as is and is expected to be used under the terms that comes with it without warranty of any kind, specified or unspecified.

eCommerceRecipies takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any user content that you or any other user or third party posts or transmits using our Products.

Even though we are dedicated to ensure every content meets our standards, you understand and agree that you may be exposed to User content that is inaccurate, objectionable, inappropriate for children, or otherwise unsuited to your purpose.

eCommerceRecipies encourages ONLY business owners or those with full permissions from the owner, to register such business on our directory.

eCommerceRecipies takes no responsibility and assumes no liability should your business be registered on eCommerceRecipies unauthorised. Should you suspect or have reasons to doubt someone has registered your business without your permission, please contact us to claim it.

:: How To Report Abuse

Please use information on our contact us page to report any incident you believe violates our policy terms or you deem it to be offensive. Report Abuse or Violation of Policy and Standards