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Magento Social Affiliate Extension
Social Affiliates is a Magento extension that allows any site visitor to invite his friends to that site by means of Facebook, Twitter and email shares. This Magento plugin can be an absolute way to promote the sales factor of any online store by increasing site visitors. It is both the stores and customers getting benefited with this kind of module. When a user refers a friend to a site, he will be provided with some credits, which he can use for his further purchases. And that too, while making a purchase, he can make use of only a fixed percentage / credit amount among the total credits he received so far. This could save him up with some credits for upcoming purchases.

Main Social Affiliate Features are given below:

  • Users will receive credits when they refer friends to the online store

  • Users can make use of those credits to purchase products on that store

  • Users can send the invitation referral link to a specific group of friends by means of refer via Facebook, Twitter and email buttons.

  • Can view the entire credit details once logged in. Following are the elements displayed

  • Displays the list of credits you have in pending. Say for example, if your friend has purchased a product and still has not closed his order, then the credit for you is still on pending.

  • Set the percentage / fixed amount for the credits to be used by the user while making a purchase (for example, if the admin is setting this option to 2 %, only 2% of cart's sub total can be used on a single purchase)

  • Enable / disable the FB, Twitter and Email share buttons.