Apptha -
Joomla HTML5 Video Player
Apptha’s Joomla HD Flv Player is the perfect choice for web owners that depend on videos to showcase their products and services. With the help of HD Flv Player for Joomla, it is absolutely easy to set up a YouTube-like video sharing website which can draw in more customers in no time. This player comes out with some fabulous features like monetizing, live streaming, importing, rebranding, customizing, etc. to make your business stand ahead of your competitors effortlessly. Make use of this player to enthrall your audiences that cut through your site with high-resolution visual elements of your products and services.

List of Main Joomla Video Extension Features are give below:

HTML 5 Support
With this facility the users can play high definition beneficial videos even on their mobile devices.

Own brand name can be replaced on the video player thus improving the online reputation to a greater extent.

Ads like Google adsense, VAST, etc. can be played with pre and post rolls for improving revenue additionally.

Live Streaming
Lighttpd, RTMP, Live Telecast, and Amazon S3 live streaming are supported for eye-catching experience.

Videos from video portals like YouTube and other third party videos can be played without any predicament.

The responsiveness is very high that it improves the overall user experience without compromising on the quality.

RTL Support
RTL in the player enabling to add video titles, comments from Right to Left is also available.

Users can share their favorite videos to social networking sites thro socialize option. Thus your friends can view the videos you desired in a uncomplicated way.