Apptha -
Joomla HD Video Share
Apptha HD Video Share is a joomla extension that is introduced for video sharing purpose. This Joomla video component comes with a built- in HD Flv Player. Videos can be added from local disk, YouTube and from any urls. In addition to its effectiveness in Joomla HD video share, the component comes with 6 free modules. Using these modules you can change your joomla website look like a perfect video sharing website.The Joomla video gallery component helps you display videos by categorizing it as you need. The best feature is that the videos are displayed with HD quality quickly and easily.

A few highlighting features of this popular Joomla extension include:

Facility for users to set up Pre-, Post-roll, Google Adsense, VAST ads on the player which helps in building additional revenue.

Live Streaming
Deftness to engage visitors with some mind-blowing Lighttpd, RTMP, Live Telecast, Amazon S3 Live Streaming videos and convince them to become repeat visitors.

Recreate the existing logo on the player and replace it with yours for garnering massive exposure online.

Mobile App
Facility to download high-quality videos on smartphones and to enjoy them even on the go!

Rating and Comments
Option to add Facebook comments to your favorite videos and share them with your friends and relatives.

Readiness to relish high-definition videos on smartphones to provide customers with incredible user experience anytime.