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Free Magento Countdown Timer

Price Countdown is a magento extension that displays a countdown timer at the product page or catalog page. Set the timer for the product details page for which a special price is already set. The countdown timer highlights the Product which is set “Special Price” and notifies the customers the timeline for the product. The timer displays the specific product that is on sale for “Days | Hours | Minutes | Seconds” and act as an attention call to the potential buyers.

General Price Countdown Main Features are:

  • Easy-to-setup, cost-effective, and great documentation

  • Displays "Countdown Timer" on both Catalog page and Product detail page

  • "Countdown Timer" automatically disappears once the offer (Special price) ends

  • Multi-Store Compatibility

  • Option to enable/disable "Countdown Timer" at any time

  • Option to provide custom color for "Countdown Timer" caption

  • Easy to identify offers with the help of "Countdown Timer"

  • Facility to notify customers with offer end date