Policy And Standards

Date of Last Revision: 16 / 02 / 2020
Statement of policy and standards here at eCommerceRecipiesTM.
eCommerceRecipiesTM reserves the rights to alter or update this statement anytime, as it is appropriate to do so, without prior notice.

These guidelines ensure you and your fellow users / members of this website enjoy a better experience while using/browsing the site. Please note, it's own responsibility to guarantee your use of this site is within allowed and recommended guidelines.

:: Your Personal or Business Identity

At eCommerceRecipiesTM we expect all registered member / users to use and maintain their correct identification information which includes correct and valid full names, email address and date of birth etc, at all times.

We will never use your personal details for commercial reasons or distribute it to any 3rd parties without your permission.

We strongly discourage any attempt to impersonate, steal or use other people's identification information to perform for whatever the reason.

We strongly discourage any attempt to own more than one personal profiles and equally so, to create a new profile using false identity or other person's identity without their permission.

We simply expect you to be you, the one you and only you!

:: Nudity and Pornography

eCommerceRecipiesTM platform has global audience aging from 13 years old and above. Not every one in that age group and from such diverse backgrounds will find content which express, directly or indirectly, parts of sexual nature or pornographic materials comfortable.

It's for this reason eCommerceRecipiesTM strictly prohibits any attempt to Upload, Share, Like or Comment any image or content which express nudity or pornographic nature on this site. We hope you will respect the privacy of others and behave with maturity and in respectable manner.

eCommerceRecipies retains the rights to terminate any account that violates its terms of use or policy and standards, at all times.

:: Intellectual Property

At eCommerceRecipiesTM we respect intellectual property and copyrights and expect all our users to do just the same.

Before you decide to upload, post and/or share any content on the site, please make sure you are absolutely aware that you fully own the rights for such content or you have full blessings from the original owner to use, publish or share it on eCommerceRecipies.

You are strictly prohibited from using the this site to infringe other people's copyrights.

You may not upload, download, post or share content on eCommerceRecipies that infringes any copyright or other proprietary rights of any person or entity.

:: Hate, Bullying and Harassment

At eCommerceRecipiesTM we simply DO NOT tolerate any efforts, by anyone, to bully, harass or threat any other person on this site and under any circumstance.

We encourage you to free speech on matters relevant to eCommerceRecipies goals and aspirations which is to connect people around the world with the sole aim of sharing knowledge and experiences within the eCommerce industry.

Any form of insult, repeatedly targeting specific users based on their gender, sexuality, religion beliefs, origin, complexion, ethnicity or any form of disability is a form or harassment and bullying and we will act promptly in removing and terminating your account.

Please use eCommerceRecipies for what it meant to be while respecting others on the site.

:: Scrapping, Phishing and Spams

eCommerceRecipiesTM is not an advertisement platform nor we promote any unauthorized commercial materials on the site.

Contents published on eCommerceRecipies are intended to be used only on eCommerceRecipies or distributed to other social network sites that are supported by eCommerceRecipies.

Any attempt to scrape content from eCommerceRecipies and display, use, distribute or make it available in any form on or to other mediums without our permissions will be considered a criminal offense and dearly violates our terms & conditions as well as our policy and standards.

Should you want to use content from eCommerceRecipies in any other way, you must let us know before hand.

We also ask you strictly refrain from posting any content with an intension of advertising service(s) and/or products without our permission.

You should not involve yourself with any activities that aims at gaining access to other people accounts without their knowledge, stealing other people identities, uploading scripts or piece of code with an intention of trying to break into other peoples accounts or crippling the use of the site.

We consider such acts as criminal offense and we will act accordingly to ensure you are faced with the hand of law.

We take high measures to ensure our user's privacy is respected while with us. We ask you refrain from spamming, phishing or gaining access to other member's account without their sole permission.

eCommerceRecipiesTM retains full rights to promptly terminate your account anytime we receive reports or identify of any activities that violates our policies and standards, caused by you.

Cookie Policy

Cookies and other similar technologies help provide a better, faster and safer experience while using our site. We explain types of cookies and when we feel necessary to use them on this site.

We limit the use of cookies to only certain times when is necessary to do so and for the most part, our use of cookies is not for commercial purposes or tracking personal data.

We however, use small amount of cookies to simply make your experience on our site better and to help us provide materials or content that we believe to be of more relevance to you.

:: Authentication and Logged In Status

We need to know when you are logged in to your account and when you are are logged out. This is important for us to know when is appropriate to allow or restrict access to certain areas of your account on the site.

It may also be to your advantage if friends and other members of the site know when you are online or offline in order to keep communications more real. For such purpose we may implement use of cookies to track your online status.

It is also to your own advantage we know when you are no longer logged in to your account, especially on shared machines, so we can stop unauthorized access to your account.

All these activities requires us to correctly know if and when you are logged in or out of your account and cookies use is one way we can properly track your status and act accordingly.

:: Localization

We may use cookies to personalize your content based on your location or search experience. This is purely to enhance your experience with us and never about tracking your data for commercial gain.

To maximize the speed at which we can serve you, it may be appropriate for us to store small pieces of data on your computer so we know how to serve you better next time around.

These type of information will not be for any use of tracking your personal data or working with third party agencies for commercial purposes.

:: To Keep You Safe

At eCommerceRecipiesTM we prioritize keeping you and your data safe. It's just the right thing to do!

We ask you, should you suspect any unusual activity on your account to immediately change your password and report the incident to us so we can help protect you and other members of the site promptly.

:: How To Report Abuse

Please use information on our contact us page to report any incident you believe violates our policy terms or you deem it to be offensive. Report Abuse or Violation of Policy and Standards