Magalter -
Magento Optimizer
The Magento Optimizer extension makes all cleaning work for you. This module is responsible for automatic Magento cache, session, error reports and abandoned carts cleaning.

Magento Cache Cleaning

If you add new or change existing products and static blocks every day, you are probably fed up with invalidated Magento cache. Every time you have to go to System -> Cache Management and refresh the invalidated cache types manually.

Magalter offers you the Magento Optimizer extension, which automates this process. This module refreshes invalidated/all cache types or flushes Magento cache storage at specified frequency.
Magento Session and Old Error Reports Cleaning

Have a look at the size of your var/session and var/report directories – if they have grown into the gigabytes, Magento session files and error reports grew out of your control! Yes, they are tiny but SO numerous. Tons of them can have negative influence on your website performance.

The Magento Optimizer extension cleans session files and error reports that are older than X days. Set these values once and forget about periodical refreshing of var/session and var/report directories.
Magento Abandoned Cart Cleaning

Magento is known for merging an abandoned cart with the current one when customers try to login. From customers’ experience and loyalty point of view, it is destructively.

The Magento Optimizer module automatically deletes abandoned carts older that X days. You can use this feature at sales time as well and limit the time for abandoned carts existing.

Main features:

  • Magento cache cleaning

  • * refresh invalidated cache types

  • * refresh all cache types

  • * flush Magento cache storage

  • Magento session cleaning

  • * clean sessions older than X days

  • Magento error reports cleaning

  • * delete reports older than X days

  • Magento abandoned carts cleaning

  • * delete abandoned carts older than X days