Lessthan10pounds - high quality women fashion, clothes, footwear, bags and accessories
Lessthan10pounds.com is a Magento based, high traffic website owned by Kaico Fashions LTD company based in UK

Lessthan10pounds offer high quality women's fashion, women clothes, footwear, bags and accessories at very low affordable prices. For them customer satisfaction and support is one of the most important factors which enables them to provide services of high quality worldwide to individual customers, wholesalers and the retail trade.

We were approched on emergence case and asked to repair the ailing database that was causing a lot of issues on the site. To act quickly, on shedule and within badget was the aim of the project and we are glad today the site is back to its full speed and working to client's satisfaction. You can learn more about Lessthan10pounds by visiting this link

Some tasks involved in the project were

  1. - To successfully repair the all damages done to the database

  2. - To ensure all indexes worked effeciently

  3. - Ensure the speed issue on Magento backed is resolved

  4. - A whole list of extensions are working together smoothly and without conflict.

  5. - Ensure all data was safely restored and with 0% loss.

  6. - Provide extended period of monitoring the server to ensure and spikes on MySQL are studied and fixed as needed.

Overall, it was another good opportunity to add to our success story the demonstration of our ability to work under pressure and deliver the goods!

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