Twitter Connect Magento Extension
Magento Twitter Connect Professional is the last updated version of our simple Twitter Connect Extension.

Twitter is the most popular social media tool used by millions of people worldwide. On an average, 460,000 new twitter accounts are created every day. Magento is an Open Source E-Commerce Solution offering fantastic opportunities for e-commerce owners to engage with the potential customers and create awareness of their products among the wider audience. Our Magento Twitter Connect Pro Extension allows the user to connect to Twitter and thereby allowing expanding the marketing standards.

If you want to attract more potential customers to expand your business opportunities, use our Magento Twitter Connect Pro Extension for wide promotions of your products and services. Our Twitter Connect Magento Extension allows user just one click to register and login with their Twitter identity. The Magento account is then automatically created.

The Twitter Connect Magneto Extension is flexible and easy to install. The Magento based e-commerce site provides you with many new users in a very short time. The enormous amount of Twitter users will join you in few steps and more importantly they will tell about your products to their followers too.

With every purchase the user can tweet about the products which will be linked with your site. Millions of other users can see that and can re-tweet expanding your business horizons, generating more traffic and making more purchases.

Features for website visitors:

  • Allow user to login with Twitter account

  • Configurable Twitter Box can be placed anywhere on the page

  • Various configuration features like font, color, size etc

  • Tweet button for your products

Features for store admin:

  • Allows your users to register using their Twitter accounts.

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