Possible Reasons to Migrate from VirtueMart to Magento
As you all know, Joomla was first released in 2005 and since then many online store owners would like to build their business using this content management system. Joomla has developed several plug-ins for ecommerce and amongst many one of the highly recognized and popular ecommerce software platform is VirtueMart. Undoubtedly, Magento is a world’s leading open-source ecommerce solution with biggest market share launched in 2008 and powers more than 1,50,000 online stores.

As per the latest Google trends, almost 22% of the shopping cart merchants are migrating away from OsCommerce, 14% are migrating away from ZenCart and 10% are migrating away from VirtueMart. On the other hand, nearly 45% of the shopping cart merchants are migrating to Magento, 12% are migrating to Prestashop and approximately 8% are migrating to Open Cart. The VirtueMart to Magento Migration is beneficial to the online business as it allows swift migration to Magento and moves all the store information within few hours.

The Cart2Cart provides an opportunity to automatically migrate products, customers, orders, categories, currencies, product images, category images, reviews, customer information, shipping address, order status, manufacturing details etc. The whole data transfer is done within a limited period of time as the services is web-based so doesn’t even need any additional software.

Here are some of the possible reasons that make sense to migrate from VirtueMart to Magento.

Simple: It does not require to set-up a complicated module that never works in appropriate way. All you have to do is to provide information of your source (VirtueMart) and target cart (Magento) and specify entities you would like to migrate. Then the Magento migration is ready to start.

Cost-Effective: Starting with $69, you only pay for the data you actually migrate. The total cost depends on the number of entities you want to move plus you can easily calculate the actual price of the migration with Migration Estimator. Just specify the amount of customers, products, orders etc. you are willing to move and get the calculated cost and duration of your own migration.

Demo Migration: You can perform demo migration and check the results without paying a single cent. One must try free demo migration before actually starting the full migration process.

Quick: The speed of migration depends on the number of entities you want to migrate. The whole process may take a few hours or minutes and in the end of the migration process you will receive an email that your data is transferred successfully.

Technical Support: You can ask for technical support via phone call, chat or email. Go for Cart2Cart to get your things done easily and save your time.

An E-commerce tendency shows that almost 50% migrations are performed to Magento. Magento include number of add-ons and plug-ins to improve the functionality of an online store. The another benefit of using Magento is its wide community where-in the business merchants can easily find answers to their most difficult questions.

If you are already having an e-store and looking forward to migrate to Magento, then it is worth to say that this platform offers many out-of-the-box features and functionalities that will help your e-business grow higher.

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