Magneto One Step Checkout Extension
The Magneto One Step Checkout Extension simplifies the checkout process by allowing the user to fill all the required information in one page.

The “Checkout” is the most complicated part of placing an order online and usually have high checkout abandonment rate. We have come up with the Magento One Step Checkout Extension to simplify the checkout process by allowing the user to fill all the desired information in one page. The core feature of the Magento One Step Checkout Extension is that the six standard Magento checkout steps are reduced to one.

The customer can fill all the personal information, purchase information and payment mode in “One Page” making the process more convenient and faster. In addition to this, AJAX is used to calculate totals and prices when the shipping/payment method is selected. The Magento One Step Checkout Extension will result in saving of time, completion of sales and increased customer satisfaction.

We offer three editions of our Checkout Module: The Standard, The Professional and The Enterprise Module. The Professional and Enterprise module supports the full edition of the Magneto E-Commerce platform. The Enterprise license allows use on various domains while the Standard and Professional Edition module allows use on a single domain. The Standard Edition offers the same features but does not support the Professional and Enterprise editions. The One Step Checkout Extension is compatible with all the versions of Magento Community, Professional and Enterprise editions. It also supports all the versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE.

Features for website visitors:

  • Reduced checkout steps from six to one

  • Allow to enable/disable shopping cart to speed up checkout process

  • Ajax popup for login and forgot password

  • Enable checkbox for newsletter subscription, terms and conditions

  • Allow to set default country, default shipping method and default payment method

  • Easy to enable/disable all address fields, set them as mandatory or optional

  • Easy to sort address fields like Company, City, Region, Telephone etc.

  • Allow customer to enter a comment for the order

  • Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods

  • Easily modify CSS / layout with regular Magento templates and CSS file

  • Easy to install

  • Full support for registration (creating new account, logging in, read more in our blog)

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