Magento Order Follow-up Email Extension – A Must To Have Extension For Every Ecommerce Store Owner
There is no denying that Magento is a feature packed e-commerce platform which allows a complete flexibility and control over the functionality of online store. Magento has a great potential to enhance your online business and also create a brand visibility on the internet offering the store visitors a great shopping experience. Through a combination of PHP and MySQL, the Magento platform allows user to add various extensions to completely customize the e-commerce experience which the website provides.

The Magento Commerce is full of extensions to assist you customize your online e-commerce store. The best Magento extensions are developed in unity with Magento principles and can be installed even on extremely customized online stores. One such extension is Magento Order Follow-up Email Extension and with the help of this unique extension you can send an auto-response email to the customer which helps the store owners to enhance the user interaction effectively.

The features of Magento Order Follow-up Email Extension include:

• Allows to send follow-up emails as per events
• Supported events are Abandoned Cart Appeared, New Order Placed, Order Processing, Order Completed, Order Updated, Order Closed, Order Cancelled, New Customer Signed Up, Customer Account Updated
• Allows to manage flexible rules, schedule multiple emails per event, cancel pending emails if other event happens
• Allows to set conditions to send email
• Allows to send emails to subscribers and moderators only
• Allows to set detail sender per rule, test emails and manage email queue
• Allows to send pending emails manually, cancel pending emails, preview emails and delete any emails
• Supports both newsletter templates and transaction emails template
• Allows to greet customers on their birthdays
• Allows creating and deploying specially targeted product promotions based on the customer wish lists
• Allows client’s opinion on the product bought suggesting him or her to leave a review
• Allows not to send the same email within defined time
• Allows to define when abandoned cart appeared
• Auto-login for customers who comes back via direct link to view shopping cart or order detail
• Auto-clean “Sent” emails after number of days

This Magento extension easily measures the effectiveness of the follow up e-mails with important data on click-throughs, restoration of shopping carts and conversion into a final purchase. The online business merchants can gain benefits such as improved conversion rates, increased sales with better customer insight via excellent tracking capabilities, analyze the efficiency of the follow-up emails, enhanced customer relationship, customer loyalty and the flexibility and power to do a lot of email communication with the help of this extremely wonderful and unique extension.

The Magento Order Follow-up Email Extension boosts the sales records by allowing the customers to buy your right product and is the best tool to stay in touch with your customers. It is therefore clear that this extension will enrich your e-store functionality and increase the scalability and flexibility of your online store to a much higher level.

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