Magento Multiple Deals Extension – Simply Irresistible Magento Extension That Encourages The Customers To Buy More
With more than 1,25,000 online stores, Magento has gain a wide momentum among the retailers for setting up and running the variety of e-stores. Magento brings everything for the user starting from tons of features and out-of-the-box functionalities for developing online ecommerce store packed with advanced capabilities for any kind of business. The success and popularity of the Magento ecommerce platform is overwhelming and this is the reason why developers around the world are contributing to make it more powerful and functional with the help of custom extensions.

Today, plenty of Magento extensions are available in the market that can help to boost the performance of the online store. One such simply irresistible extension is Multiple Deals Extension for Magento which helps the store owners to advertise and manage multiple deals or product campaigns on the go while encouraging the customers to make online purchases from your e-store with attractive deals. This unique and simple Magento extension empowers the store owner to create deal for a single or multiple products and choose a period to promote the deal as per their wish. The deal gets automatically activated for a specified period of time and deactivates when the specified time expires.

The Multiple Deal features:

• All the daily deal features and more
• Multiple deals that can be run at the same time
• Choose the Main deal
• Ability to feature the Main deal
• Active deals page and past deals page
• Support all Magnetos,, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.5.x, 1.7.x.
• Compatible with all browsers like Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, IE8

This unique Magento Multiple Deals Extension helps the store owner create and manage multiple deals for their online store in a very professional manner. The deals can be shown on multiple pages like daily deal page, product page or on sidebar. This extension integrates so well with Magento store thus motivating the customers to buy more and is fully compatible with other Magento extensions such as One Step Checkout, Sweet Tooth Rewards etc.

In this fiercely competitive market, every store owner has to focus on the customer’s need in order to fulfill them effectively. With the help of this extension, the business merchants can frequently display new deals in their online ecommerce store encouraging the customers to visit your site and make a purchase. The customers can enrich their online shopping experience by visiting to your site daily, viewing the current deals and share the deals in their social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. thereby helping your online store become more and more popular.

To conclude, ensure that every store owner incorporates this unique and simply amazing Magento extension to improve the performance and sales of their ecommerce store. So, what’s your thought on this? Leave your replies in the comment box below…!