Magento Extension Store’s Magento Testimonial Extentsion Approved in MagentoCommerce
Magento Extension Store, a leading Magento web & extension development company, has added another success story to its corporate profile by getting one more Magento extension called “Magento Testimonial Extension” approved seamlessly from MagentoCommernce today. The company is taking immense pleasure to announce today the approval of one more extension in MagentoCommerce. As its name suggests, Testimonials extension from Magento Extension Store is a great way to deal with the customer’s testimonials.

Magento extensions serves a crucial role in today’s highly competitive internet business as it empowers store owners to improve the performance as well as add tons of innovative features or functions to their eCommerce website. People talk is something that can easily make or break the impression of any eCommerce website. In fact, most of the online shoppers prefer to check what others say about the online store, and then make a decision to purchase from the online store.

Customer testimonials about the products or services over the eCommerce website show a history of the satisfied customers, and Magento Extension Store understands this very-well and that’s the reason they’ve created this amazing extension and even got instant approval from the MagentoCommerce.

Magento Extension Store, being a trendsetter Magento development firm, comprises of seasoned Magento designers and developers who have ample experience and proven expertise in creating hundreds of customized Magento extensions for clients across the globe. The company has been at the forefront of creating out-of-the-box Magento extensions as per the client requirements to help them improve their online store performance. The testimonial extension allows the users to add, delete and edit the testimonials to the home page of the Magento eCommerce website. Moreover, it allows store owner to display testimonials in a JavaScript slider on the product page.

The features that this app will support can be described as follows:

  • Allow adding a testimonial by admin panel

  • Allow customer to submit a testimonial on the front end

  • Control the number of words to display testimonials appropriately in the sidebar

  • Manage Testimonials from the admin panel.

  • Testimonials URL can be anything of your choice

  • Control the count of testimonials displayed on the main testimonials page

  • Ease of disabling the read more link so that there will only be the main testimonials page.

  • Show/hide testimonials picture

  • Controlled through Configurations that each testimonial can have its own page

  • Embedded rating feature will allow your customers to rate the testimonials

  • More secure and truthful testimonials

  • No spam posting

  • Control who can post testimonials

  • Ease of installation & 24×7 technical support

The extension is available at the cost of only $49 and you can read more about it here and download it now!