Magento Extension Featured Products
Featured Products Extension allows you to define your featured products and helps to drive more customers’ attention to your most profitable products in the Magento web-store. This extension will definitely boost your revenue opportunities by attracting the customer’s interest in your products that you want them to buy.


The Featured Products Magento Extension is an effective tool to grab the attention of the maximum number of customers to your store. You can display the list of featured products category wise too. The Featured Products is a mandatory Magento Module for your store. This extension will help you to promote your featured products on any page and allows you the flexibility to customize it to any store by using our intuitive user interface.

The Featured Products 3 is the next generation of the Featured Products Extension. The previous versions (Featured Products 1.x and 2.x) will not be further developed to support the new Magento versions.

Features for website visitors:

  • Appealing interface with slideshow features

  • Fancy Slider type display enables customers to click on the product preview

  • Featured Products can be shown in different types: the new and highly attractive advanced slideshow, compact slideshow with or w/o bottom text, simple row with or w/o bottom text

  • Help prospects make informed decisions with Tooltip

Features for store admin:

  • Flexible options to display products

  • Customizable positioning and layout options

  • Defining featured products in a particular category

  • Display specific number of products to the list

  • Display specific number of products per row in the grid

  • Show the products in particular order (Random/Last Added)

  • Setting view type of the featured product list (Grid/Slider)