Leave Unique & Exciting Comments To Your Orders With Magento Order Comment Extension
Magento is a feature packed e-commerce platform which allows a complete flexibility and control over the functionality of an online store. This ecommerce platform allows the online business owners to leverage the full-potential of Magento to achieve their online business goals. Magento has a great power to enhance the online business and also create a brand visibility on the internet offering the store visitors a great shopping experience.

Due to the remarkable benefits, Magento development has become quite popular in the today’s ecommerce market. Every online store owner are now moving towards Magento development to enhance their store functionality and attract more ‘n’ more visitors towards their store. Not limited to only e-store development, Magento is full of extension to assist you customize your online ecommerce store. One such extension is Ecom Order Comment Extension which allows adding new field to order review checkout section where customers can leave comments to their orders.

Features of the Magento Order Comment Extension include:

• Allows customers to comment in order review part at one page checkout.
• The admin can view order comment on grid listing and order detail page.
• Customer can also review order comment from order details page under their account.
• Order comment can also be viewed on print order page.

This unique and simple extension allows customers to leave their comments to their orders placed in a much easier way. It does not require heavy manual template edits and uses Magento core order comments functionality. This extension is very lightweight that needs minimum admin interaction while installing. Also, this extension enables two way comments in order details screen. The default Magento implementation allows admin to make comments and make them visible to the customer but the customer cannot place a comment in response.

Adding order comments to the checkout process in your Magento store is very useful. This functionality allows the customers to provide specific instructions for their order or to collect information from them for instance asking customers how they came to know about your company which can yield valuable results and innovative marketing ideas.

If you are looking out for a Magento extension for your ecommerce store, then this simple and unique extension is a must to have extension for every store owner and customer. This will increase the visibility of your online store with improved conversion rate and revenue opportunities. The store owners can leverage the full advantage of this extension to entice their customers to explore the features and benefits of their product and leave their comments to the orders placed.

From the above discussion, it is clearly obvious that this extension will help the online business merchants to grow immensely. What’s your thought on this? Leave your views in the comment box below.