How You Can Enhance Your Product & Category Page For Magento eCommerce Website?
No matter which eCommerce website or online store you’re visiting, web elements are playing a crucial role in order to improve the user engagement with the store. While more ‘n’ more retailers are approaching for professional eCommerce development services to get their online store set up and run, it has become critical for the online store owners to increase their online popularity. If you’re using Magento for the eCommerce development, you can easily boost up the look ‘n’ feel of your product and category page to improve the user engagement with your online store.

Of course, Magento doesn’t bring any default feature or functionality to improve the user engagement with your online store by improving product & category page, but you can leverage from the extensions to do the same. You can find many popular Magento extensions like Featured Product, VS Product Zoom and so on.

In this blog post, we’re going to cover a few of the most popular product page Magento extensions that would help you improve your product and category pages on the go.

• Featured Product Extension For Magento - The Featured Products Extension for Magento is an effective tool to grab the attention of the maximum number of customers to your store. You can display the list of featured products category wise too. If you wish to let the world see your products, Featured Product is the only extension you will need. This extension will help you to promote your featured products on any page and allows you the flexibility to customize it to any store by using our intuitive user interface.

• Multiple Select In Layered Navigation (Filters) – With the help of this extension, you can easily browser for two items at the same time. For example, you’re browsing for a product in the navigation, then it will give you the result of your search and also the possibility of selecting the other product that you have not searched and related to your search. It doesn’t require any kind of changes or configuration from the admin.

• VS Product Image Zoom – Featurezooms – With the help of this extension, you can bring product zoom functionality over product detail page for product images. It will let the users get all the details of products by simply zooming the product image on the product detail page.

• Light Box2 – It is an amazing extension that will let the users leverage from delightful and adorable view by a beautiful and performant lightbox of the product images within your online store. You can easily customize this amazing extension and gets all product images in the LightBox2 view.

• Magento Easy Spotlight – It will let you display new products on the home page, category page and product page of your website. You can easily configure all three types of list and product slider and set number of products and a lot more on the go.

Have you tried Faetured Product or any other extension mentioned in this blog post? Share your experiences in the comments…!