How To Enhance Credibility Of Your Magento Online Store Using Testimonials & Reviews?
You might be feeling happy and lucky having your Magento eCommerce store live, and you’ve started getting visitors to it. Of course, having and running a Magento online store is beneficial for the retailers, but what if you fail to satisfy and convince your potential customers or visitors visiting your website for the first time? What is the thing that can encourage customers to buy from your eCommerce site? The answer is “Testimonials and reviews” about the products and services you offer to them.

Customer testimonials and reviews are the key elements that could help you convert one time visitors into the permanent customers for your Magento eCommerce site. You can leverage from the readily available Testimonials Extensions in the market. If you wish to improve the credibility of your website and convert leads into sales, testimonials extensions explored below would help you get it done on the go.

• Advance Testimonial –

Advance Testimonials Magento customer reviews extension is nothing but a tool that will help you convince your website visitors or customers about the credibility of your products and services. Moreover, it brings some of the most advanced features like show or hide testimonials picture, ease of integrating with email settings, ease of customization, ease of installation and more with a nominal price of $59.

• Video Testimonials –

Now lets the customers and administrators upload testimonials in the form of videos from their own computers or YouTube exactly on the product page. Video Testimonials is the advanced leap into the world of advertisements, which spice up the user experience by allowing them to upload and view video testimonials. It will help the online stores to grab the attention of the potential users through compelling videos from the past customers and clients.

• Testimonials Pro extension –

Testimonials Pro for Magento is a convenient extension that deals with customer’s testimonials, making it easy for the store owners to manage testimonials. It allows you to have testimonials into your online shop. It allows the customer to write reviews about your store, products and services thereby enhancing the sales and revenue opportunities. The testimonials pro will attract new visitors and persuade them to buy products from your store. This extension also helps admin to manage the number of words and avoid spam.

• Customer Testimonials –

Like any other extension, the Customer testimonial extension will be used for writing testimonials of your Customer. It is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to manage. It is totally open source, and you can change the code on the go.

• Fancy Testimonial –

It is an amazing testimonial extension, which would help the online store owners to highlight your past clients’ testimonials and reviews on your website page directly. This extension support testimonial text, client name, client address and client image. You can also define height and width for the testimonial block.

Have you ever tried any of these testimonials extensions within your Magento eCommerce website? Share your experiences in the comments…!