Facebook Connect Magento Extension
The Facebook Connect Magento Extension allows user to login and connect to your store by simply logging into their Facebook account. You can configure the Facebook Link Extension Module with the Facebook account of a customer so that if he/she login’s into their Facebook account and make a purchase, a post is automatically left on the customer’s Facebook wall when they complete an order.


The Magento Facebook Connect Extension allows the customer to login into your store by using their Facebook account which is fast, reliable and secure. Could you imagine how many customers you can attract and boost your sale? Magento Facebook Connect is definitely for you to trace back the customer preference and advertise your store.

The Facebook Link Magneto module enables Posts like “I have just purchased this great stuff at (your store link)” which would automatically be displayed on the wall when the order is complete. Facebook is certainly a new way to reach out to millions of users worldwide and helps you to promote your products giving it a distinct competitive edge over your competitors. So create your Facebook presence now, attract maximum traffic and advertise your store name, product list etc. by using our Facebook Connect Magento Extension.

Features for website visitors:

  • Transaction Privacy: Customers have the choice of not displaying their purchase details on their Facebook Wall. They can opt for the store access to their wall the first time they login into their Facebook account and if the access is granted all further purchases will be reflected on the wall automatically.

  • Like Button: The Like button helps the visitor to share your content with their friends on Facebook. When the user clicks on the Like button a story appears in the user’s friends News Feed with a link back to your website.

  • Send Button: Along with Like button, Send button can also be displayed which allows the user to send the URL in a message to Facebook friends, to the walls of Facebook groups or as an email to an individual.

Features for store admin:

  • Brand promotion of your products on a global platform

  • User-friendly interface

  • Automatic updates

  • Custom wall post template and custom action link template

  • Easy installation

  • Free upgrades

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