Enhance The Functionality of Your Magento Ecommerce Store with Magento AJAX Cart Extension
Magento is an open source ecommerce web application built using Zend Framework especially designed for building high-end ecommerce websites with great functionality and out-of-the-box features. Launched in the year 2008, Magento has become more popular and widely recognized as the best platform for developing ecommerce solutions. One of the major advantages of Magento is its flexibility to suit all kind of online businesses ranging from smaller ecommerce websites to building large online ecommerce applications having tons of features.

Magento has numerous extensions available in the market today. Any online store owner can opt for any extension to increase the performance of their online store. Amongst many Magento extensions, one such extension is Magento Ajax Cart Extension which allows the user to add, update and remove products from their shopping cart in a much easier way without the need of page reloading or refreshing.

The varied features of Magento Ajax Cart Extension include:

• Customers can add product to their cart and choose its option right from Listing page without going to Product page.
• After adding product to cart from the Product page or Listing page the customers can choose to continue shopping or checkout right away.
• The shopping cart gets automatically refreshed with each addition or deletion of the product.
• The customer can easily edit or remove products from cart with AJAX pop-up.
• The customers can add product to wish list and comparison list using Ajax and then the product can be added to cart directly.
• Shopper can add product to cart and choose its options like quantity, size and color from Product Listed page.
• To make shopping on the store more interesting you can use animation effect such as Progress Animation to define the progress block position (center, top, bottom or none), Cart Animation to define the cart update animation effect (opacity, blink, grow or none), Ajax Activity Indicator which allows to override an activity picture on your own and Show Confirmation Dialog which enables or disables the pop-up dialog with Product Name, Continue Shopping or View Cart and Checkout links.

With this unique extension, the customers can effortlessly add and remove products from their shopping cart without having to continuously click the update button. The immediate interaction allows customers to enjoy the shopping experience without waiting for the pages to refresh. The customers completely enjoy the continuous online shopping experience without any interruption thereby completing the shopping process.

The Magento Ajax Cart Extension can increase the sales tremendously. Many store owners are using this extension and are seeing an incredible increase in the conversion rate. This extension have helped the store owners in many positive ways wherein the store owner may show related products while the customer can add a product to the cart for up-selling or cross-selling purpose.

From this discussion, it is clear that Magento Ajax Cart Extension is a must to have extension for every store owner and customer. So, what’s your stand on this? Leave your replies in the comment box below…!