Dynamic Image Magento extension
The Dynamic Image extension allows you to change product image by changing the selection of dropdown. In this way, you can see different product views.

Dynamic Image Swatcher is a code and attribute-based image mapping and dynamic image generation extension. This extension enables user to add colors and create images for their configurable products based on the user’s attribute selection. The Magento Dynamic Image Extension has interactive shopping cart features and thereby attracts more consumer participation.

Good images are self-explanatory and do not need any translation at all. The product images and content are reloaded based on the customer’s selection, this way the customer’s can only see what they have chosen to see. Our Dynamic Image Swatcher Magento Extension enables easy image uploading allowing consumers to add attributes. The consumer can replace the images as and when needed.

Features for website visitors:

  • Manage Product of Select Configurable Attributes in the dropdown

  • Configurable Product option in the catalogue and on the product page

  • Reload product images and description according to customer input

  • Meets all Magento Development practices

  • Easy to install

With the use of Magento Dynamic Image Extension you can add more lively colors to your products and earn more business. This way we help our customers to buy the right products.

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