Apple iOS 7 – Is It A Right Decision To Move Your Business To iOS 7
Apple’s recent addition iOS 7 has dazzled the iPhone application development world due to its totally revolutionary form and features as compared to any of its predecessors. Starting with its adorable looks, feel and UI, it also brings certain innovative features and enhancements with the impressive security related features.

Apple has considered the enterprises and kept in mind the existing trend of enterprise mobility and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) while designing this amazing operating system, which has attracted many enterprises and businesses to move for iPhone application development using iOS 7. Of course, Apple has left no stones unturned to make its new venture instant hit, but do you think your business is prepared to adapt to the different changes that are going to be brought by this upgrade from Apple?

If yes, what are the implications involved and how it will affect your business? Well, to find the answer to all your questions, we’re going to discuss a few aspects you should consider before you even thought to move ahead in iPhone application development using iOS 7 for your business.

• The real complications of the update – The organizations are looking forward to adopt this new upgrade from Apple, but first and foremost, they should understand that the recent OS introduction from Apple is not so revolutionary product. The only thing is that everything about this OS is quite different from anything they expected, they have just have just changed the way they were thinking till now!

It has been said that the rate at which the OS is being adopted is quite fast and it is to rise with each passing day. As more ‘n’ more developers are upgrading their apps to be compatible with this operating system, business establishments are too in the rush to cash its popularity.

If your organization is already dealing with the iOS applications and wish to go for iOS 7, it is important that you keep in mind a few basic things like:

Your app should be compatible with then new and very different look of the iOS 7.

You should have a team of professional developers who can easily work and deal with the problems arises during the iPhone application development using iOS 7 SDK.

If you’re not using standard controls, it is important you dynamically update with the upgrade.

The apps that are created for the new OS version should be backwards compatible with iOS 6.

There is no denying that Apple is targeting enterprise sector with this operating system, but one should keep in mind that the new upgrade will come with advanced MDM functionality. With this iOS 7 proving itself as a valuable asset for the enterprises and giant organizations. Moreover, it brings secure and streamlined services for the businesses.

However, you will have to first understand the new features presented within iOS 7 and understand what you can expect from it before adopting iOS 7. Also, you should go through the plus and minus points before you start creating iPhone apps for your business using iOS 7.

What’s your take on this? Do you think every business should move for iOS 7? Share your views in the comments…!