AJAX Cart Magento Extension
The AJAX Cart Pro is a Magento Extension that allows user to add, update and remove products from their shopping cart in a much easy way without the need of page reloading or refreshing. With Ajax Cart Pro you can replace page reloads with the smooth and appealing animation effects.

Generally, the customer does not have the patience to wait for the reloads and they simply end up with the cancelled purchase. The Ajax Cart Pro Magento module allows the customer to add and remove products without having to continuously click on the “Update” button. The shopping cart gets automatically refreshed with each addition or deletion of the product. The customer’s enjoys the continuous online shopping experience without any interruption thereby completing the shopping process. This Ajax Cart Pro Magento Extension is an immediate and effective solution to continue shopping without waiting for the pages to get refreshed.

The Ajax Cart Pro Magento Extension has important features like:

  • Progress Animation: defines progress block position (center, top, bottom or none)

  • Cart Animation: defines the cart update animation effect (opacity, grow, blink or none)

  • AJAX Activity Indicator: allows you to override an activity picture on your own

  • “Show Confirmation” Dialog: enables or disables pop-up dialog with product name, “Continue Shopping” or “View Cart & Checkout” links

Features for website visitors:

  • Customizable Confirmation Block: The customer can easily modify the pop-up window after each adding/removing of the product from the shopping cart. It also allows inserting widgets, text, images and variables in the block from the backend.

  • Ability to preview the confirmation block after customization: Once the pop-up is modified, you can preview it before showing the changes to the store visitors.

  • All native Magento product type support: Ajax Cart Pro supports all Magento product types including grouped and bundle products as well as gift cards.

  • Ability to specify quantity for products with options in pop-up window: The customer can select some options and can change the number of items which gets automatically reflected in a pop-up window.

  • Ajax Cart Pro uses current layout of the store: The Ajax Cart Pro Magento Extension is easy to customize in terms of layout which makes it more user friendly and easy to install as compared with other modules.

  • Support all product types in wish list: No matter whether the customer’s add products to cart from the category page or wish list, the Ajax Cart Pro Magento Extension makes this process flawless.

  • Shopping Cart update and clearance without page reloading: Ajax Cart Pro allows easiness in adding,

removing and updating products without having to reload the Cart page.

To attract customer’s attention, gain customer’s loyalty and increase sales of your store, Ajax Cart Pro is the suitable choice.