aheadWorks -
Search Autocomplete and Suggest
Display search suggestions and autocomplete products based on what visitor typed in a search field.
Extension Features:
Fully customizable look. With a simple CSS editing, you can change any colors, borders, paddings, etc.
AJAX-based, so it doesn’t load your full database of products, only those that have been matched
Searches after only the third character has been entered
Shows product pictures in the search results
Allows your store’s visitors to navigate directly to their desired product pages, completely by passing the search results page
Uses 100% pure JavaScript and CSS, no flash or other embedded content
Adds only new features without breaking or replacing your store’s original functionality
Ability to search by any product text attribute
Ability to hide out of stock products
Option to show custom notice if there are no search results
Customizable search item layout
Ability to display any product text attribute
Customizable product thumbnail dimension
Customizable search delay
Option to open search result link in a new window
Sort search results in alphabetical order
Uploadable preloader picture
Customizable header & footer of the search result list
Ability to limit items displayed in dropdown list
Ability to search by tags
Translation support
Default hint in search input