aheadWorks -
On Sale + Product Labels
Add visually-appealing labels to product images and display in both product and catalog views. Extension supports long list of variables.
Extension Features:
Create an unlimited number of label rules
Define conditions to trigger a rule
Specify a store where a rule can be applied
Select customers’ groups that can view rule-based labels
Limit rule duration
Prioritize label rules
Limit discount threshold to make labels appear
Separate catalog and product view labels setup
Add your own images for catalog and product labels in any way you like: upload them or just insert a path
Program labels to appear when a special price is set
Take advantage of nine predefined label positions: top-left, top-center, top-right, middle-left, middle-center, middle-right, bottom-left, bottom-center, and bottom-right
Customize a label for every product
Choose label position using live preview selector
Create a special label for new products
Insert any product’s features into a label text using a specialized “attribute” code
Utilize special variables to include in label texts
Disable catalog and/or product labels when needed
Use the extension with all major browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera, FireFox 2, FireFox 3 and Google Chrome)
Separate CSS files for catalog and product labels