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We are the leading provider of address capture solutions in the UK. Our postcode lookup is a must-have feature on any ecommerce site targeting the UK!

Postcode lookup makes address forms quick and easy for your customers. It improves usability, resulting in higher conversion rates. It also eliminates addess data errors, ensuring all deliveries go to the right place first time.

We can integrate into any shopping cart and have ready made modules for most of the popular carts. We become a seamless part of your system that 'simply works'. But should you ever need any help, support is based locally in the UK and available by phone or email.
At CraftyClicks we stick to a few basic principles:

  • deliver a reliable service that is easy to use

  • provide top class customer care

  • charge fair prices

We want to delight our customers :)
We want to delight our customers :)

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